Alike in cartridge filters,wide range of filter materials can be used also in the bag filters. These materials can be applied successfuly for filtration of the most types of dust and air. Various surface coating of filter stuffs meets requirements of extracting different kinds of dust. Clever selection of material ensures low emission of dust particles to the environment and also a long lifetime of the filter unit. In the bag filters a needle felt containing mostly suspension woven cloth or a grate is used. Filtration elements are sleeve-shaped with / without supporting cage or flat - bag - shaped or cassete-shapped with a supporting frame used for fastening to the filter unit. These filters are designed for applications with the airflow up to 500 000m3/h on an individual unit..
Dust rate in the air more than 100g/m3.
Typical applications – dust collectors of technological processes.
Cleaning – compressed air pulses


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 filters FD /SK/  0,5 MB  
 filters FMK /SK/  0,5 MB  
 filters FMKZ 25 /SK/  0,3 MB  
 filters FS /SK/  0,7 MB  
 filters MJB /SK/  0,9 MB


 filters MJB-A & MJB-B /SK/  0,8 MB  
 NFKZ 3000 /SK/  0,6 MB  
 NFPZ 3000 /SK/  0,6 MB  
 NFSZ 3000 /SK/  1,1 MB  
 Back Fans /SK/  0,3 MB  
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 What working NFZ filters  1,8 MB  
 NFKZ 3000 /SK/  0,7 MB  
 NFPZ 3000 /SK/  0,7 MB  
 NFSZ 3000 /SK/  1,5 MB  
 Pozicion NFZ filters  1,1 MB  
 Back Fans /SK/  0,9 MB