Positioned extraction arms Blueone represent field-proven units for capturing and extraction of vapours from welding. The arm is equipped with a resistant hose DN 160 or DN 200 and internal supporting system with a small cross-section, giving a suitable combination of the pressure loss and mobility to the arm. Working radius 1,5m to 9,0m.

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Leaflets Format Size Note
 BLUEONE /SK/  0,5 MB  for welding
 REX /SK/  1,1 MB  atex
 MiniTex /SK/  1,5 MB  laboratory
 Terfu /SK/  1,6 MB  laboratory
 ASA /SK/  0,8 MB


 ASU /SK/  0,7 MB

for rescue car

 ASU 1 /Eng/  0,8 MB

for rescue car

 ASR /SK/  0,9 MB


Catalog sheet Format Size Note
 Extraction Arms /SK/  2,7 MB