Cartridge filters are made of a wide range of filter materials that can be used for filtration of the most types of dust and air. Various surface coatings of the filter stuff meets requirements of extracting of different kinds of dust. Furhermore, inserted UniClean® ensures more effective and balanced cleaning of filter cartridges over the whole length leading to longer filterlife and reduced compressed air consumption.

Construction UniClean®
Typical applications – engineering, welding, grinding
Cleaning – compressed air pulses


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Leaflets Format Size Note
 FMC filters /SK/  1,1 MB  
 FMCZ filters /SK/  0,5 MB  
 MJC filters /SK/  1,5 MB  
 fans FM for FMC /SK/  0,6 MB  
Catalog sheet Format Size Note
 FMC+FMCZ filters /SK/  3,2 MB + fans for FMC & FMCZ
 MJC filters /SK/  1,5 MB  
 MJC mini filters /SK/  1,1 MB