Company Envirotech spol. s r.o (Ltd.) has been established in Slovakia in 2001 with the intention to provide complex deliveries of extraction and filtration technologies of dust, smoke, vapour and other harmful substances produced during technological processes (welding, grinding, cutting, cleaning, handling with crispy materials etc.). Company is looking for the best possible environmental solution from the standard industrial applications to the specialised ones, including aplication with the thread of explosion. Envirotech spol. s r.o. has been co-operating from its beginning with renowed European specialised producers of particular components of extraction systems and since 2006 company has become a sole agent of a prominent world producer of filtration and extraction units, the Danish company DANTHERM FILTRATION. Products from their range enable aplications with the output from 1000m3/h to 200 000m3/h.

Consistent development of technologies makes companies to take more care of hygiene and protection of the working environment. They are aware of the fact that this care will bring added value in the form of motivation and productivity of employees. With increasing prices of energy the pressure of investors on more sofisticated solutions is growing consistently they ask for solvations that will enable automatic regulation of the system performance considering the real needs of individual plants. Possibilty to enter in a service agreement with the plan of service activities is a matter of course. For all these demands has our company prepared solutions, supported by rich experience and knowledge from the field of technological extraction. Our units work in plants not only on the territory of Slovakia but also in the Czech republic and other EU states.