Solutions according to ATEX



-,When producing, treating, handling, disposing or transporting crispy materials, wood, coal, organic stuffs (flour, sugar,malt,cocoa...) and dye-stuffs an explosive atmosphere can occur, i.e mixtures of air and combusible gases, vapours, mist or dust. ATEX directive settles conditions of security and health protection of employees working in a potentially explosive environment as well as technical terms on equipment placed in the environment with the explosion hazard.

Areas with the explosion hazard are devided into zones, classified according to kind of material occuring in the environment and according to the rate of its occurrence. Zone with the occurance of gases or vapours is classified as Zone 0 on the place where the explosive atmosphere is present all the time or for a long period. Zone 1 markes places where the occurance of explosive atmosphere is probable in standard operational conditions and Zone 2 involves places where the occurance of explosive atmosphere is not likely in standard operatioal conditions or if yes, then only for a short period of time. From the point of view of danger resulting from the presence of dust and dust particles the areas are clasified as Zone 20, Zone 21,Zone 22. Definitions of these zones are similar to those of gases.

Total level of security in the environment with the danger of explosion is given by combination of technical and administrative measures.

Company Envirotech spol. s r.o. offers solutions for extraction and filtration of gases/dust in a potentionally explosive atmosphere by application of extraction systems using following types of :

Filters : NFKZ

Rotary/back-pressure valves: EA-MRP

Fans : Combifab

Containers: Silo